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Born and raised in the STL

Couple of guys, couple of girls, one cat, doing it big since 20-14

Founded by Matt McKenna and his longtime friend and teammate, Korey Gauvain, in 2016, DELT was the end result of two dudes looking for a way to make some money. After some initial success, DELT quickly turned into a leading creative agency in St. Louis, Missouri.

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DELT is a leading creative and marketing company in St. Louis, Missouri

Since 2014, we have grown from two people with no clients, to a 6 person team and over 30 past and current clients. What started as a web design and SEO company has expanded into a complete branding and marketing agency with clients across the United States. Below is a list of DELT’s current team. Click on an employee’s button to view their complete bio.

Matt McKenna web designer

owner, head of design & brand development

matt mckenna

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Digital marketing manager

digital marketing manager

marsha lewis

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Branding Company Manager

head of business develoment

adam mcchesney

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Website developer

development & integration specialist

evan kinkade

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The story of DELT

At an early age I lost 2 of my very close friends. I met Dominic Elking in grade school at St. Marks Grade School. Over the course of 3 years, he became one of the best friends I ever had. We decided that we would both attend Vianney High School together. In 2006, just weeks before our 8th grade graduation, Dominic passed away in a tragic accident.

I met Tyler Sindelar, also known as “LT”, the summer before my freshman year of high school. We were both going to Vianney and met through mutual friends. The next few years, we were together almost every day. After high school LT went to Mizzou, and in 2012, passed away tragically.

When I made the decision to go my own way, and start my own business, I wanted my company’s name to have special meaning to me. Using Dominic’s initials, “DE”, and Tyler’s nickname, “LT”, I decided there would be no better name for my company than DELT.

- DELT Founder, Matt Mckenna