St. Louis Company Branding Services

Our branding services use our market research implemented with our creative expertise

Whether you realize it or not, your customers have an associated identity they think of when they think of your business. It doesn’t matter if you spend one hour per week on marketing, or an entire marketing team dedicated to marketing, your brand has been determined by your customers.

We provide complete branding services from top to bottom for businesses big and small

A company’s brand is determined by things like their website, their marketing, their social media pages, and their employees.

We meet with our clients to discuss their business’ vision and the identity they with to portray to their customers. We also do extensive industry research to determine what their customers do and don’t like and apply our findings into our work.

We start by creating a branding manual that acts as a guideline and our proposal for the approach we intend to take with our branding. The brand manual will vary depending on the project and also depending on whether it is a rebranding or new company branding.

Company rebranding services

A company can go through rebranding at any time or any age. It doesn’t matter if your business is one years old, or fifty, it is never too late to rebrand. If you have had a vision for your company, but haven’t been able to put it in place, we can help your business rebrand itself and create the identity you always wanted. If you don’t have anything in mind, but know your brand needs to be enhanced, we can help you elevate your customer’s perception of your business with our rebranding services. Our rebranding services include many or all of our web design, SEO and marketing services.

Startup Branding Services

You know what your business is and the products or services you are going to offer. How you are going to reach your customers and outperform your competition is another battle. We help startup businesses that are big and small determine their brand and an effective approach to reaching their customers.

We have all the necessary tools you need to define our client’s brand and market them to their customers. We work with our clients to form an identity for their business and a personality for their customers

Our complete branding package for new companies includes things like:

  • A consistent color scheme
  • A professional logo design
  • A perfectly designed and developed website
  • Target market and industry research
  • A marketing strategy
  • Blog topics and blogger services (For either us to write or you)
  • Graphic designs for marketing campaigns
  • Social media page creation and design
  • A social media marketing strategy
  • Print designs for things like brochures, business cards, stationery, and more
  • Information and / or marketing videos
  • Customer research and brand / market penetration approach

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