St. Louis Graphic Design Services

We create the perfect graphic design for any of your digital or print needs

A good graphic design should be created to do more than just look good, it needs to be created with a purpose.

When designed correctly, a graphic design can attract customers during their online experience and draw their attention to your business, website, or promotion in which the design is being used.

Graphic designs can also be used to enhance the look and feel of your website. Well designed graphics help enhance a website’s appearance and user’s experience. Our priority is to follow a consistent color scheme and feel that represent your business and logo.

Our graphic designs are created to exceed our client’s expectations and attract new and existing customers to their business

Some of our common graphic designs include:

Digital ad designs

Whether you have a current marketing strategy in place or need to start from scratch, DELT’s digital ads are created to attract online browsers to your website and business who come across your online advertising campaign.

Website graphics

Enhance the look and feel while increasing your user’s experience with up-to-date and professionally designed icons and graphics for your web design.

Infographic research & designs

Infographics have grown increasingly popular and can do wonders for a website’s blog or website. We research, develop and create professional infographics for businesses in all industries.

Social media page designs

Your social media pages act as alternative websites for your business. We know how to design social media pages for all business types so you can utilize the most popular social platforms as vital marketing outlets.

We give your social media pages a professional design to improve your appearance in the eyes of your customers

Portraying a professional appearance on your website is extremely important. With social media continuing to increase in popularity, a company’s social media appearance is beginning to become just as important.

Your social media pages should be designed to attract more customers to your business and help you develop your core brand.

Along with social media marketing and advertising, we have mastered the perfect design for social media pages.

We mix together our graphic design expertise and marketing services to design the perfect social media page(s) for our clients.

For all of our social media page designs, we make sure all the appropriate company information and contact info is listed correctly. We also make sure our client’s logo is the correct size and resolution.

Social media design services we offer include:

  • Facebook cover photos
  • Facebook logo size and resolution
  • Facebook ad designs
  • YouTube channel art
  • Twitter logo size and resolution
  • Twitter header images
  • Twitter logos
  • Instagram image and product display

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