St. Louis Logo Design Services

Our logo designs are created to fit your brand strategy

We can create the perfect logo design for your business, event, or brand. We can also modify your current one to enhance your business’s look.

Your logo needs to be the perfect design and something your new and potential customers will remember after seeing it so you are the first business they think about when they are searching for services or products related to your company.

DELT creates eye catching logos that both, you and your customers will love

We know that logo designs don’t need to be too complicated or detailed. We take time to understand your business and its personality. That way, we know exactly what design will attract customers and develop a core brand people will remember.

Professional logo designers

When designing a logo, we start by providing our clients with 8-10 sketches of the designs we had in mind so they can get a feel for our vision.

If they have a style they want to see digitally, we will then create several different variations and styles of that design and send them a logo sheet containing the designs, colors, and fonts we have used.

We also give them the option of seeing their logo on things like print design business cards, shirts, fliers, and any other visual they want to see.

A logo is one of the most defining symbols you can have for your business. It needs to encapsulate your business, its vision, and the overall. Our logos are designed to create a core brand for your business

Our logo design services include:

  • New logo designs
  • Logo redesigns
  • Logo modifications

We have provided or logo design services for businesses across the United States. To see some of our past logo design and logo concepts, you can visit our logo design gallery.