Adobe Spark Gets Major Improvements

September 20, 2017 | by Marsha Lewis

Adobe Spark Gets Major Feature Improvements and More

Adobe Spark, the one-stop content marketing shop, is finally the app it was meant to be.

Spark allows user to create three different types of content: social media posts and graphics, web stores, and animated videos.

It is the perfect tool for social media marketers.

social media marketing

Now, Spark projects no longer have to branded as such, and you can add your own branding in multiple ways.

Another notable improvement to Spark’s functionality, are the new features to help save time and apply a uniform brand experience across content created with the mobile or web applications. 

Users can add their own logo and Spark will pull colors from the logo. Then the colors are automatically generate a variety of free color palettes that you can use for your various products.

If you decide to change a logo or colors, they can be updated across the entire project in one step.

Common used items, such as logos and color palettes go directly into Spark’s library of templates. This way you can see what everything from business cards, to video themes, to a Facebook post, might look like with your brand’s image.

Spark will even give suggestions for font pairings in the selection of a secondary font throughout the template library.

Branding Building Made Easy

social media marketing

However, the best update is the new Brandify feature.

When you click “Brandify” it will simply apply your brand’s look to any template. If you don’t like the first one you see, you can click through different variations of palettes and various moods or feelings to get the look you want your brand to have.

If you don’t mind the Adobe branding on your projects, there is a free Spark option.

Or you can subscribe to Spark alone for $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year.

For those of you in social media marketing, it will be the best $9.99 a month you’ve ever spent.


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