March 3, 2017
by Matt McKenna

The 7 Best March Madness Jersey Designs of 2017

  • Who is rocking the best uniforms in March Madness 2017?

    Men’s basketball is a man’s sport.

    Men like to workout and eat meat. They don’t give a damn what their uniforms look like as long as the shorts have enough padding for the occasional spankings they give after a teammate dunks or swats the shit out of someone trying to make a layup.

    March Madness is, in our opinion, the greatest sporting event on earth. You get to watch the kids compete on one of the biggest stages imaginable and be remembered as legends when they hit the game winning shot.

    With all of the actual basketball going on, it is hard to recognize the tournament’s real heroes:

    1. The walk-ons who hold their celebrating teammates back on the bench
    2. The cameramen who give you an HD look at the kid, who’s dreams were just shattered, crying on the bench (seriously do you need to show that from 15 different angles?)

    We, as both sports enthusiasts and a design company, take great interest in seeing new college basketball uniforms unveiled each year. March Madness is a great time to see the bigger school’s new variations of jerseys and the smaller school’s for the first time.

    Nike and Adidas pretty much dominate the college basketball world. Under Armour is growing in popularity (and apparently Russell is still in business), but for the most part Nike and Adidas run the show.

    As we said in our favorite college football jerseys of 2016 post, colleges have the choice of who their teams will use for branding. The MLB, NBA, NFL, and the MLS are all boring, businesses-first organizations that allow little to no innovation when it comes to how their teams are dressed on the field or court.

    Below is a list of our 7 favorite college basketball jerseys and uniforms of the 2017 March Madness Tournament. We stayed unbiased during our in-depth research (Googling all of the teams under an eleven seed to see what their jerseys looked like) which is quite an accomplishment in today’s society.

    7. Villanova Wildcats

    Villanova basketball jersey

    The reigning NCAA basketball champs return as a 1 seed looking great in their uniforms.

    Villanova’s jerseys are feature several shades of blue that outline the neck and arms holes giving them a simple but unique look.

    6. North Dakota Fighting Hawks

    Best March Madness jerseys 2017

    (Photo source:

    I can tell you two things about North Dakota:

    1. Their basketball team has some nice uniforms
    2. It is a state (I think?)

    North Dakota is the United States’ Russia. I am fairly certain they govern themselves and boys must kill a bison with their bare hands before they can deemed a man. One thing North Dakota does have that my home state of Missouri does not have is a team playing in March Madness this year.

    Other than the 300 people that live in North Dakota, no one knows much about the Fighting Hawks, but we were pleasantly surprised to see their 2017 basketball jerseys were designed quite nicely.

    North Dakota’s colors use a light green that is extremely unique in sports and works nicely with their black and white uniforms.

    5. Florida Gulf Coast Eagles

    FGCU basketball jersey design

    (Photo source:

    Much like North Dakota, Florida Gulf Coast University’s colors use a lighter green that complements their blue well.

    The Eagles can be seen in blue uniforms with green lettering, numbers, and stripes and white or, our favorite, white uniforms with green and blue lining and throwback lettering.

    4. Troy Trojans

    troy trojans basketball design

    (Photo source:

    Another underdog in this year’s tournament, the Troy Trojans enter the tournament with a fresh set of Adidas uniforms.

    Troy’s basketball team has a several different variations of the jersey and shorts that all feature white, black, a maroonish red, and grey. What really stands out on their jersey is their 3d-styled lettering on the chest.

    3. Rhode Island Rams

    rhode island basketball 2017

    (Photo source:

    The Rhode Island Rams, much like Villanova, use different shades of blue for their school colors and basketball jerseys.

    The most unique aspect of Rhode Island’s Nike basketball jersey design is the outline of the ram horns on the front of the shorts.

    2. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

    notre dame march madness 2017

    (Photo source:

    As an American with Irish heritage somewhere in my bloodline, I am a big fan of the Fighting Irish. Although they are my favorite team, I think I would like their basketball jerseys regardless.

    After a recent switch from their longtime sponsor Adidas to Under Armour, the Fighting Irish have begun to add a little more flair to their teams basketball kit.

    They have a wide range of uniform options that all use different variations of white gold, green, and navy blue.

    1. Florida State Seminoles

    florida state Seminoles basketball 2017

    (Photo source:

    Coming in at number one on our list of our favorite basketball uniforms of 2017’s March Madness teams is the Florida State Seminoles.

    Florida State uses a nice blend of maroon red and a light gold to create a very appealing uniform. The best part about their basketball team’s kit is the feather that runs from under the arm down to the bottom of the shorts.

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