Concept Sports Jersey Designs by DELT

August 4, 2017 | by Matt McKenna

We love sports. One of our favorite things to see each year is the new jersey and uniform designs teams have at the beginning of the season.

We have created concept jersey designs for some of our favorite teams and teams we wish would happen. We continue to add to our concept jersey design collection whenever we have the time.

We, here at DELT, are huge fans of all sports. Almost all of the DELT team played a sport at the high school or college level and we love to incorporate sports into our work whenever we can. We designed concept / alternative jerseys for some of our favorite sports teams, and teams we wish would happen.

One of the only things we love more than sports is America. It’s the greatest damn country on earth and we want to take every opportunity we get to incorporate those beautiful stars and stripes into our work.

Below is our concept designs for USA soccer uniforms, USA Basketball uniforms, and, if those commi bastards ever want to suit up and play American Football, we’ve got the perfect uniforms for Uncle Sam’s squad.

custom usa sports jerseys

White USA soccer jersey Concept

white nike usa concept soccer jersey

Navy Nike USA Football Uniform Concept

navy nike usa concept football uniform

White Nike USA football uniform

usa football jersey concept

Concept Nike USA Basketball Uniform

USA Football Helmet Concepts

More concept jersey designs coming soon!

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