Google Giving Much Needed Attention to Calendar App

September 6, 2017 | by Marsha Lewis

Google is finally giving its Calendar App for the web some love.

In 2014, Google introduced Material design, which was the new design language for the web, ChromeOS, and Android.

Material Design failed however, to reach certain apps, such as Calendar and Gmail for the desktop.

Calendar for desktop looks ancient compared to other Google services.

Luckily for calendar, an upcoming refresh will bring it in line with the Material Design makeover that Calendar for Android and IOS got a few years ago. Material Design has already treated key products such as YouTube, Chrome, Search, and Inbox.

A Google sub-Reddit shows screen shots of the potential new look that Calendar for desktop will have. The look is undoubtedly cleaner, with new fonts, and Calendar’s signature red floating action button at the bottom of the screen. Everything from creating new events to the monthly view has been given a facelift.

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The user who posted the screenshots claims they come from an internal rollout, so additional changes are possible.

Commentators on the screenshots claim that the updated layout will mostly keep the service’s basic functions, so users should have no issues navigating the app.

When should users expect the update to roll out?

A roadmap for Calendar was leaked, saying that the new design will occur in this year’s fourth quarter. So that means users can expect to see the new Calendar makeover as early as October.

Earlier this year, Gmail contacts on the web was updated. The update included the new design language, but users can still choose to use the old version.

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