New Photo-Based Social Network Released

August 30, 2017 | by Marsha Lewis

Polygram, The New Social Network

A new photo-based social network, Polygram, was released on iOS this past weekend.

Polygram, uses artificial intelligence to recognize facial expression and gauge user response.

Users can see how people directly respond to their photo. The app identifies different expressions through a smartphone’s front-facing camera, and turns your expression into an emoji.

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You can see how many people actually LOLed at your photo now.

Polygram breaks down responses, showing number of views, if a screenshot was taken, and how long the image made a user pause. It offers analytics such as where viewers are located in the world, and breakdowns by demographic. The app also features Snapchat-like facial filters, such as masks.

The developer of the app stated that the beauty masks on the app were designed by real plastic surgeons.

Another unique feature offered, is wipe-to-reveal, which prevents unwanted screenshots. Users wipe the screen to reveal only portions of the image, adding a layer of security to those photos you don’t want to float around for all eternity.

In the past, we have seen new social networks struggle to gain users and traction compared to the big names such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. And we often see the big names mimicking each other. So only time will tell if Polygram catches on.

However, Polygram isn’t the only social network using emotion-recognition technology. Facebook recently acquired FacioMetrics, a company that also gauges user’s facial reactions. Polygram claims that it already had its ideas and program under development at the time of the acquisition.

Want to check it out? It’s available, and free, on IOS.

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