St. Louis Content Marketing Services

We focus on SEO-driven blog articles and content marketing

We plan, research, and execute content creation to attract readers to your website and increase visibility in search engines with effective blogging services.

People love reading articles online to learn about a product or services.

A well-written blog can do wonders for a website’s popularity and visibility in search engines.

DELT spends time understanding your business and the industry it is in before we begin our blogging services, so we can write the most compelling blog articles possible.

Our blogs are created to attract & increase both social shares and organic traffic

Our goal is not to simply push content to your blog to give it the appearance of a consistently updated website; we want to engage and inform your readers and attract them to your website organically.

Our industry research helps us determine how often we publish blog articles. We have learned that one article that has the potential for a large amount of social shares and activity beats 10 articles with none.

A well-written blog article will gain the attention of readers and keep them coming back. It also helps potential customers find your website in search engines, even if they hadn’t heard about your business before. It creates a core brand for your business and expands your visibility and SEO.

DELT’s blogging services attract customers to your website by researching and writing SEO-driven articles. We then promote them digitally with our content marketing campaigns and social media sharing services

Our blogging and content marketing services include:

Blog design and development

Whether you want to attach it to your website or create an external site to link to your business page, DELT can create the perfect blog design for your business. If you only want a blog designed and developed, we can create it for you and teach you how to use and maintain it. Most of our blogs are created on the WordPress platform.

Article / topic research and content creation

We write unique topics that our research tells us will attract customers to your website. We also find articles that have done well in the past and find ways to further improve that article, while giving it a spin unique to your business, and promote it with our social media marketing.

Infographic research and design

We are expert infographic designers. We know what the readers want to read and how to visually display the information for them. We also optimize these articles to attract readers through search engines.

Content marketing experts

Once we have written our blog article we incorporate it into our social media marketing services. Depending on the article, we also have the ability to run ad campaign through Facebook or Twitter to better enhance its visibility.

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