St. Louis Local SEO Agency

Local search engine optimization services

DELT can turn your website into your number one marketing tool and increase your company’s brand awareness with our local SEO services.

Search engine optimization can be a game changer for any local business.

Having the ability to outrank your competition on Google Maps, and in organic search results, can create a lifetime of customers. We monitor your Google My Business page and Google Insights data to determine what adjustments need to be made. Then we use the adjustments to boost your website rankings and increase your calls and website visits.

Rather than just working to outrank local competition in search engines, we focus on developing a brand awareness and brand building campaign that creates an identity for your business in its local market.

We are experts at targeting your local market and moving your website ahead of your competition and in front of your current and potential customers with our local search engine optimization services

Local SEO for small businesses

Small businesses often have the most competition. A small business that wants to increase website visitors, sales, and brand awareness, needs to have a local search engine presence.

While we work with companies both big and small, many of our clients are small, local businesses in St. Louis. We know how to research a company and, more importantly, its customers. We adapt to an industry in order to get our clients the results they want.

If your target market is not nationwide, local search engine optimization is vital to your business.

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website and digital marketing strategy to rank in local search engines. The primary goal of any local business with a website should be to rank in the top three local spots on Google.

DELT aims to move your business to the top of search results in your local industry.

We have helped businesses in extremely wide range of industries rank on the first page of Google in cities across the United States. We, here at DELT, use many different tools to research both your industry and your customers, so we know exactly what local SEO strategy needs to be developed in order to outrank your competition.

All it takes is one click to gain a lifetime, or even generations, of business

We help you gain recognition with online reviews from past customers and make sure you have a consistent and thorough business listing in as many online directories as possible. We do research within your target market, industry, and community, so we know exactly how to run our local SEO campaigns.

Local SEO vs national SEO

The main reasons that local SEO differs from national SEO are obvious. Local SEO is the strategy in which local businesses (e.g. a law firm or car dealer) aim to rank higher in a particular city, community, town, or any other type of targeted location. National SEO is the strategy in which national businesses (e.g. an online t-shirt company) aim to rank higher for customers across the country.

Luckily for our customers, we are experts in researching, planning, and implementing both local and national online marketing strategies.

How to increase and keep your local search rank

Local search engines look for different elements on a website to determine whether it should be classified as either a national or local business.

The first thing search engines use is on-site signals like titles, addresses, keywords, and other crucial elements.

Determining and utilizing this element of the process is only the beginning of the battle. If you want to be the number-one player in your local industry, you need a well-researched digital marketing strategy.

Once your website starts to increase in authority, and rank higher in search engines, the job is not finished. Whether you have a digital marketing agency performing your daily SEO tasks, or an in-house search expert, continuing to develop and market your website is an invaluable step in your journey to local search engine dominance.

While there are countless SEO and online marketing services companies use for their strategy, the right services have the ability to get you best results and save you time and money.

Some of our local SEO services include:

Local social media marketing

After researching which social media platforms will be most beneficial for you business, we develop the perfect social media marketing strategy which includes advertising, updating, posting, and attracting your customers to your pages and your business. We use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube to reach your local customers and market your website to them.

Local search engine marketing and paid advertising

We continually market ads online through many different advertising platforms. Digital advertising platforms we frequently use for local search engine optimization services include: Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Bing Ads, and much more.

Google Business Pages & online directories

We provide your business with a steady and quality link building campaign as well as increasing your online appearance with website submissions into local and national online directories.

On-site SEO for higher local search rankings

We do extensive keyword research to discover, track, and monitor the keywords and phrases your local customers are searching in search engines like Google and Bing. Even if we are not responsible for building your website, our expertise in web development allow us to make the proper local SEO modifications to any website without risking your website’s health.

SEO consulting

Want to learn how to run your digital advertising campaign in-house? DELT offers SEO consulting services to small and large businesses in the St. Louis area.

Local link building services

In the eyes of many, quality link building, also known as outreach, is the most important thing you can do for your website’s SEO.

Link building is the process of adding a link from an external website back to yours.

Like all competitive tactics, people took advantage of this strategy and started paying for links on websites outside of their industry or irrelevant to their business. Search engines, like Google, became aware of this and started punishing websites guilty of this.

Link building is one of the most vital tactics involved in moving your website up in search results, but can also be one of the most damaging.

We focus on quality link building to strengthen our client’s domain authority

We have built relationships with businesses in certain industries that make it easy for us to build or exchange links with other relevant businesses within the industries we work for. These relationships have brought our client’s websites to rankings they never imagined and more website traffic than ever.

If you have an industry that we have yet to establish trust in, we will research potential websites we could partner with and make sure we have the ability to quickly start our link building campaign. If we don’t think our client will benefit from our services we give them our honest evaluation of the industry.

DELT’s link building (outreach) services strengthen your website’s authority and build trust with search engines. Our link building services help you get quality links back to your site, and boosts your website’s ranking in search results