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  • Against the Grain | St. Louis, MO

    Complete branding and marketing strategy for a local fitness company


    Energy company web design & brand strategy to transition from a local to national market

    (Note: Against the Grain was known as Rebel Up Fitness when we first began our services)

    Based here in St. Louis, Against the Grain is a nutrition and fitness company focusing on holistic health services. They reached out to DELT for a logo design after they saw some of the previous work we did for another local fitness company.

    Not knowing the exact route to take with their new logo, we helped them create their identity and develop a brand. They were so pleased with our work the project expanded from just a logo design to a full-service branding package with a website design, and SEO services.

    Against the Grain web design by DELT

    Designing a logo to fit the brand

    To focus on the holistic approach Against the Grain takes to their fitness services, we utilized a primitive approach to building their brand. When discussing the initial logo design, ATG told us they would like to incorporate a buffalo as they felt that animal best resembled their personality.

    Against The Grain Brand Design by DELT

    Initial logo design concepts

    Other than wanting to incorporate a buffalo, the team at Against the Grain left the creative design thinking up to DELT. After some initial sketches were sent, ATG still wasn't sure which route to take with their logo, so we created several concept designs digital for them to get an idea of our thoughts.

    Against The Grain Brand Design by DELT

    Getting a little bit closer

    There were several styles they liked, but couldn't decide which one they wanted to represent their brand. Hearing their feedback, we were able to incorporate their ideas and thoughts into two more styles.

    Against The Grain Brand Design by DELT

    The finished product

    We were finally able to narrow it down to the perfect logo for ATG. They were beyond excited when we presented them with their finished logo design, and we have provided print services for things like business cards, car window stickers, and t-shirts. We have also designed different stationary for letterheads and digital forms.

    Against The Grain Brand Design by DELT

    A simple yet perfect web design for usability and brand building

    To match the logo and branding strategy we developed, the website we created for Against the Grain focused on soft colors, rustic fonts, and a primitive style. We wanted their message to be displayed as prominently as possible, and calls-to-action readily available.

    Against the Grain web design by DELT
    Against the Grain web design by DELT

    Internal linking for a better UX design

    We wanted to keep Against the Grain’s web design as simple and uniform as possible, but still keep a style the matched the brand we were creating. The service pages feature simple loading animations, and the entire website featured a smooth page transition effect.

    Against the Grain web design by DELT

    The perfect design for mobile devices

    ATG’s target market is adults over the age of 50, so creating a responsive design to suit their customers. Older people tend to have a difficult time seeing and, given that they typically have the font size on their phones set to size 67, we wanted to make sure we kept all the text and call to actions large and eligible.

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