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  • McChesney & Ortwerth

    Web design, branding, and SEO results for a leading law firm

    St. Louis, Missouri

    the website

    our web design focused on an enhanced user experience and responsive design, and on-site seo

    McChesney & Ortwerth has won cases worth millions of dollars. We decided it was vital to market them as a powerful and successful firm. We want their clients to land on their website and instantly be hit with a sense of elegance and power.

    Injury Lawyer Web Design by DELT

    A content focused approach

    Content marketing was a primary concern for us when creating McChesney & Ortwerth’s digital marketing and SEO strategy. To help our cause, we did in depth keyword research to enhance their website’s on-site SEO. Our ability to create the perfect SEO web design made it easy to have a content heavy website that still held an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

    Injury Lawyer Web Design by DELT

    A better responsive web design

    Another primary concern for McChesney & Ortwerth’s new website was to create a better responsive web design and user experience on mobile devices. A high percentage of their website’s traffic was coming from mobile users, so building a site that centered around mobile conversions was key.

    Injury Lawyer Web Design by DELT

    the marketing

    Getting SEO and marketing results in one of the most competitive local industries

    Once we completed the web design and development and on-site SEO enhancements we began on ongoing search engine optimization and digital marketing services. Since the majority of their clients are local, we spent a great deal of time on the law firm’s local optimization. We analyzed their industry and did extensive keyword research to bring their local SEO rankings to the next level.


    Page rankings for 17 targeted keywords


    Increase in facebook likes


    Increase in weekly website visits and pageviews

    Injury Lawyer Infographic Design by DELT

    the brand

    Our branding services helped strengthen the identity of an already established law firm

    To develop the perfect creative marketing strategy, we had to redefine McChesney & Ortwerth's entire appearance. Our branding services centered around a new color scheme, an updated logo design, and new print material designs.

    Injury Lawyer Card Design by DELT

    A simple upgrade to the logo's design

    We provided McChesney & Ortwerth with different logo sheets with 15-20 logo sketches for them, so they could get a feel for different styles. Since they had already built a reputation with the logo design in which they had been using for many years, we felt the best decision was to make minor adjustments to the font and text's alignment.

    Injury Lawyer Logo by DELT

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