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about the client

Lawyer web design, SEO, and branding services

We helped Gateway Divorce law launch their new branch and build an effect SEO strategy and web design that has an off-the-charts conversion rate.

In 2014, when McChesney & Ortwerth finalized their plans to expand their services to include a divorce and family law sector, they decided they wanted to try a new digital marketing agency. DELT was given the task of developing a marketing strategy, a brand strategy, and a new website to get their new branch started in the right direction.

Divorce and family law is not and easy thing to market. We learned quickly that it was a delicate industry that all promotional and marketing strategies needed to portrayed in a specific matter. Given the circumstances of the business, getting conversions is a bit of a bittersweet victory, but, since in some situations divorce is inevitable, we are glad we have taken our client to the top of their industry.

the website

A simple yet professional web design with a crazy conversion rate

As much as we love developing complex websites with unique designs and animations, our first priority is always our client. After detailed industry research and split-testing, we determined a simple yet professional design was the best route to take for GDL's website. We were able to analyze different layouts, calls-to-action, and contact form placement to find the perfect mixture needed to convert as many visitors as possible.

Divorce Lawyer Web Design by DELT

designed for user experience

The divorce and family law website needed to be a text-heavy site, yet not so dull it leads potential clients away. We used a color scheme very similar to their current personal injury website, but added a tint of gold throughout to highlight calls-to-action.

Divorce Lawyer Web Design by DELT

digital marketing

Our seo and digital marketing efforts has put gateway divorce law at the top of their industry

Within the 2 weeks Gateway Divorce Law started to receive phone calls inquiring about their free consultation. Our SEO and marketing services gave them their biggest year, in terms amount of cases, in the entirety of their company’s life. We are extremely proud of the results our digitial markeitng campaigns have acheived for our very first SEO client.


Facebook page likes in the first 2 years


First page rankings for targeted keywords


Market visibility ranking them first among their competition

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