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  • ParadisePad

    A full-service branding campaign for a leading distributor

    Des Moines, Iowa

    about the client

    Digital marketing, seo, & web design for a national manufacturer

    ParadisePad is one of the largest foam water pad manufacturers in the United States. They are known for having the most durable water pads on the market and are the only manufacturer to offer multiple colors for their rafts.

    Shortly after the first ParadisePad was manufactured, it quickly started gaining popularity within their hometown and local boat shows. A couple of months later, they were selected as finalists to appear on Shark Tank, and realized they needed to build their brand quickly.

    ParadisePad came to us in 2014 as a startup needing a more user-friendly and responsive web design and increased exposure in search engines. They were one of our first client’s and, to be honest, building a digital marketing campaign from the ground up had us a little scared.

    the website

    A website design focused on a laid back feel

    We made sure ParadisePad's web design fit their personality as much as possible. They are a laid back, family-run business and wanted to make sure their new website portrayed this message as simply as possible.

    Paradisepad Web Design by DELT

    Straightforward web design approach

    ParadisePad wanted their new website design to be as straightforward as possible. We gave them a simple layout that allowed distributors and potential customers to get the answers they needed as quickly as possible.

    Paradisepad Web Design by DELT

    Promoting a single product

    ParadisePad sells one product that varies in sizes. Since they do not sell their water pads directly from their website, it is vital that we provide enough information, and the right information, that their customers will take the next step and contact them to find a distributor. We gave a clear depiction of what the ParadisePad is as well as its dimensions, colors, and how much weight each size holds.

    Paradisepad Web Design by DELT

    digital marketing

    We helped paradisepad expand from a few states to a leading nationwide manufacturer

    Once we completed the web design and development and on-site SEO enhancements, we began on ongoing search engine optimization and digital marketing services. Since the majority of their clients are local, we spent a great deal of time on the law firm’s local optimization. We analyzed their industry and did extensive keyword research to bring their local SEO rankings to the next level.


    National ranking in Google for 5 keywords with a combine 6,000+ monthly searches


    First page rankings in Google for national keywords with a combined 24,000+ monthly searches


    Unique website visitors from during the summer months - a 216% increase from the previous year


    Newsletter signups within the first week of implementing a lead capturing strategy

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