St. Louis Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media marketing experts in St. Louis, Missouri

We use social platforms as a marketing and sales tool to attract current and potential customers to both your website and business.

We perform social media marketing services for business that want to attract both local and nationwide customers. Social Media is a vital marketing tool that, when used effectively, has the potential to attract some of the millions of potential customers waiting to follow your business.

Social media marketing for better SEO

Social media isn’t just a smart marketing strategy, its also one of the most important SEO services. Social media should be on the mind of any individual or organization looking for better search engine marketing results.

An effective social media strategy is not only a good digital marketing tactic, it is also something that all major search engines are using to rank websites in search results.

DELT takes time getting to know your business and its industry before we begin our social media marketing services

Should I use every social media platforms for my business?

This is a question we get asked quite often. Not every social media platform will work for your business.

While having a solid digital marketing strategy for 5 or 6 social media platforms definitely won’t hurt your online marketing, it may not help and be a waste of time.

Social media marketing takes time, dedication, and detailed analysis

If you spend hours each week using Twitter but its not increasing your conversions, it may be a waste of time.

The issue may be with the approach or strategy you are taking in your marketing campaign, or it may just be an ineffective tool for your industry. A funeral home is probably not going to increase sales, or even popularity, by tweeting about their recent guests, but maybe they can use Facebook for as a branding platform.

The point is: if you are not able to analyze a certain social media page’s performance or develop a strategy worth your time, you may be wasting time you could be dedicating to other social media pages, or your company’s online marketing strategy in general.

Our customer and industry research give our clients the most effect social media marketing strategy

We do more than just share news and updates about your business. We use social media as a promotional tool that aims to find customers and increase your revenue.

Our social media strategy involves a consistent updating schedule that always keeps your customers up-to-date. We also implement ad campaigns to increase your visibility in your desired social networks and for promotional purposes as well.

We create eye-catching graphics with creative services that can be used for advertising and are experts in social media page designs as well.

The importance of analyzing social media data

Growing followers and shares is not enough. You  need your social media to grow into a sales tool.

Just because your followers like the content are publishing doesn’t mean they are converting into sales. We analyze data for social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to determine how these pages can turn followers into sales.

Using social media specific software and the tools  these social media pages provide, we are able to dig deeper into your social media analytics to develop a complete social marketing strategy.

We run cost efficient social media advertising campaigns to target new and existing customers

Along with keeping your social media page up-to-date we also run social media advertising campaigns with ads linking to your website and given social media pages.

We use social media and digital advertising for all of our services. Even if our customers provide a need-specific basis (e.g. a law firm), we still use these tools to develop brand awareness within your local or national industry.

We have a great deal of experience with Facebook Page Like campaigns, Boosted Facebook Posts, Sponsored Tweets, and much more. Some of the social media outlets we create, design, and market include:

Facebook marketing services

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. We have run Facebook services for businesses in all sorts of industries targeting both local and nationwide markets. Our Facebook services involve sharing blog articles, pages from your website, promotions and ad services.

LinkedIn marketing services

LinkedIn is a great way to find new employees. It can also be used as a vital social media marketing platform. DELT uses LinkedIn to target business to business marketing and enhance your company’s image and appearance.

Twitter marketing services

Our Twitter services are used as a promotional tool aimed to target your customers and share events and sales. We run a consistent campaign with tweets directed towards your customers, increasing your brand awareness and your marketing visibility.

Instagram marketing services

Like other social media marketing we use, Instagram to keep your customers up-to-date. Images and photos help customers identify your business and create a brand in the eyes of your consumers.

YouTube marketing services

Whether you already have videos or need some created. DELT can create and upload videos for your business that are properly titled and tagged for SEO and YouTube search. We use it to enhance your website’s SEO and also promote your business.