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  • EnergyLink

    Full-service branding, web design, and marketing for a leading energy company

    Columbia, Missouri

    about the client

    Energy company web design & brand strategy to transition from a local to national market

    Since 2012, EnergyLink has provided has been providing energy-efficient solutions for homeowners in the Columbia, Missouri area. In 2014, they contacted DELT to revamp their marketing strategy with a new social media marketing, SEO, and online advertising strategy.

    In 2016, EnergyLink decided to pivot their focus from residential to commercial customers on a national level. With the introduction of their new energy management algorithm, they realized they needed to rebrand their image and develop a new brand and marketing strategy to increase national exposure. Ultimately, we developed an ongoing full-service branding solution that will has helped them penetrate their market and reach more customers.

    Energylink Web Design by DELT

    the website

    A web design focused on getting the customers where they need to be

    Our primary focus for EnergyLink's new web design was to allow for easier transition between relevant pages throughout the site. We did in-depth research to determine the appropriate UX design and how much information was needed to convert website visitors into sales.

    Energy Website Design

    Simplifying a complex message

    Before we began the web design process, we had to determine three things: Why would a someone be visiting the site / what are they looking for? Where do we want them to go / want them to do? And what is the simplest way to reach both goals? Our answer was an updated UX design and user flow path. We used the homepage the group several options for anyone visiting the website. This way, no matter what information they are looking for they can easily navigate to the relevant pages from the homepage.

    energy company branding
    seo services for solar company

    A website designed to keep the user engaged

    EnergyLink’s main goal with their new website was to simplify their complex message. Our task was to design a more user friendly layout and better responsive website design. We used our UX design and market research to develop a user flow that got the customers where they needed to be, and end where we wanted them to be. We integrated a live chat window that allows customers to chat real-time with someone from the EnergyLink team. The live chat is synced with a specific Slack Channel that allows for easy interactions with their website visitors.

    website design with live chat

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